What is Promptwave

PROMPTWAVE, a civic app for smart citizen participation that manages the interaction and collaboration of individuals and entities, integrating access to SmartCities thanks to our powerful development platform (

In PROMPTWAVE citizens and entities, whether they are public, private, associations, groups or just groups of people, they share geolocated and multimedia information, launching a “Wave” that triggers a coordinated, traceable and transparent action to achieve a beneficial purpose for them, their environment or society as a whole.

Throughout this process we integrate the Smartcities big data, which provides relevant information for the operation of the initiatives taken. The information currently used in Smartcities is not used to its maximum potential, however it will have much more importance in the coming years and we will be there when that time comes. For this reason we work with the FIWARE technology and several Smartcities platforms.



Download PROMPTWAVE in Google Play for Android or in iTunes Store for iOS

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Tools and Services

Create a profile e-You

By downloading the app and signing up, you create a user profile (e-You) to participate in this great community of citizens, leaving a fingerprint and gaining a reputation in your community.

Tools to collaborate

PROMPTWAVE powers the collaborative economy, responsible consumption and empower people through a transparent and reliable information generated by citizens.

Collaborative Cities

Several cities are moving in this direction and have developed efficient and sustainable urban models with a clear social vocation.

Entities: An organization of citizens

The entities create an information profile and enable mailboxes to exchange Waves with users and other entities. They set up additional services available to its followers.

Wave (digital wave)

Citizens and Institutions share geolocated and multimedia information launching a “Wave” (digital wave) that triggers a coordinated, traceable and transparent action with a beneficial purpose for them, to their environment or society as a whole.

Integration of other technologies

PROMPTWAVE integrates other technologies for citizen participation such as geo marketing, payment methods, augmented reality and wearables.


Our assets

We are developing a large international team in Europe and USA made up of professionals between 20 and 60 years with all the necessary materials for our project to succeed, such as, planning and strategic management, business development, technology, institutional relations and law & investment teams.

We are currently working on three major projects:

  1. Espaniards community in the US: 1.5 Mil people for whom we are creating the technology to strengthen relations between spanish people living in the US and offer professional services.
  2. A sustainable urban management company: using an indicator-based model to which we will integrate in our platform in order to have the necessary technology for continuous evaluation.
  3. A Spanish region with an ambitious rural tourism project: an ideal parther for, PROMPTWAVE’s development, communicated and implementated through citizen participation and urban devices.

Several town halls and some nationwide associations have also shown great interest in our technology.

Contact us

Any doubt, problem, solution or idea you have, let us know. We are happy to listen to you.